Testing the approach with potential solvers

After creating an initial prototype of the approach, it’s time to put it to the test.

We speak with academics, researchers and other domain experts, to understand whether the proposed approach is suitable and likely to lead to the solutions and goals we’re aiming for.

More importantly, we speak with potential solvers to understand whether the approach is appealing, supportive and relevant. We want to know:

  • Appealing: Is the approach engaging and motivating? Is it likely to attract the people and collaborations needed to build impactful solutions?

  • Supportive: Does it offer problem-solvers the necessary support to start developing impactful solutions? Is it inclusive and accessible to those who could add value to this process?

  • Relevant: Will this approach and the resulting ideas actually help solve the problem?

A short-cut for figuring out the above is asking potential participants: ‘Would you take part in this?’.

If the answer is ‘No’, understand why not and keep iterating the approach and its details until the answer is ‘Yes! Where do I sign up?’.

See also Finding experts, Recording and making sense of feedback and Running workshops.

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