We help funders and organisations find the problems that matter and design effective programmes to solve them.

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Focusing on one problem rather than another will affect the impact you can achieve with your funding, and the types of solutions you can help grow.

We help you identify important problems where your resources can make a difference. To date, we’ve researched and designed over 30 programmes worth more than £20 million, matching good problems with scientists, technologists, makers, and innovators ready to solve them. We draw on an ever expanding network of over 400 experts across domains ranging from computer security to dementia.

Our services

Find good problems

We help find and prioritise problems that are real, important, and solvable with the resources you can offer.

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Understand solvers

We figure out which skills and collaborations could offer a solution, then connect with potential solvers and discover their needs.

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Build initiatives

We design problem-led initiatives that achieve impact by matching solvers to your resources and ambitions.

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Our work

Newton Fund / The Global CoLab

Nesta / Longitude Prize

Humanitarian Innovation Fund / WASH Challenges

Nesta / Flying High Challenge

Deep Science Ventures / The Frontier

Our approach

We take an iterative approach to our work. We design something useful, test it, and use the feedback to grow our understanding and design something better.

Do actionable research

We do just enough research to understand barriers preventing progress and highlight concrete opportunities for innovation.

Design prototypes

We communicate our learning by creating visual prompts or text-based documents that serve as prototypes we can use to test our learning.

Engage with experts

We test our prototypes in one-on-one interviews with domain experts and potential solvers and update our understanding based on feedback.

Looking for a good problem?

We are a close team of designers and researchers who are passionate about tackling ambitious and important problems. If you’re looking to grow your impact, we’d love to hear from you!