Who we are

Science Practice is a design and research company in London. We collaborate with scientists to help put their research into practice.

Our recent projects include designing and developing novel bioinformatics software called Sequence Bundles with the European Bioinformatics Institute, designing innovation challenges with Nesta and the Humanitarian Innovation Fund, and working collaboratively with Genomics PLC.

How we work

We engage in projects in two ways: by collaborating with partners and consulting for clients.


We partner with labs, startups and other research-focused organisations. We often seek out collaborators but we also welcome anyone who might want to approach us with an idea for a project. Collaborating on a project means that we will partner in all stages: from planning the project and seeking funds, to disseminating and commercialising the results.


We consult for a wide range of clients including commercial, governmental and academic organisations. Clients will usually approach us with a specific problem they need solving, a domain they need to explore or understand, or an idea that needs realising and testing. When necessary, we can seek out additional expertise to work on a project.

What we do

Our capabilities include elements of research, design and engineering.


Whether we are seeking a better understanding of a scientific domain or the real world, we take a creative approach to research and adapt our methods to each project.

Gain understanding

  • Get up-to-speed quickly by performing a landscape review.
  • Find the right subject-matter expert to join the project team.

Gather feedback

  • Conduct structured interviews with individual experts and stakeholders.
  • Convene an expert workshop to achieve a consensus.

Trial an idea

  • Build prototypes and test them with end users.


We are constantly exploring how design processes can complement the scientific method. Or, how making things can lead to just as much new insight as breaking things.


  • Ideation workshops to imagine the possible applications for emerging science and technology
  • Speculative design to uncover the potential implications of emerging science and technology


  • Visualisation of invisible processes and concepts
  • Storytelling though images, text and moving image


  • Video prototyping ideas
  • Iterative design and prototyping of products and experiences


The best way to understand a new technology is to implement it. We develop applications for emerging technologies and translate existing technologies into new contexts.


  • Rapid, iterative prototyping of software for user-testing and feedback.
  • Developing and deploying live services for research applications.


  • Exploration of novel materials and processes through making.


  • Translating complex lab protocols for low-resource settings.
  • Developing novel uses for emerging lab technologies such as microfluidics and sequencing.

Who we’ve worked with