SoilCards are paper tests that make soil-nutrient analysis easy, quick, and affordable to smallholder farmers who don’t have access to soil-testing laboratories.

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Sequence Bundles

Sequence Bundles is a visualisation method developed in collaboration with the Goldman Group at EMBL-EBI that offers a new way to uncover patterns in biological data.

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Gender-Based Violence in Humanitarian Emergencies

Designing innovation challenges to improve Gender-Based Violence interventions in humanitarian emergencies for the Humanitarian Innovation Fund.

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WASH Challenges

Defining and designing five innovation challenges in the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) sector for the Humanitarian Innovation Fund.

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Tech Prizes for Horizon 2020

Researching and designing a series of 10 tech challenge prizes for the European Commission's Horizon 2020 programme.

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Ctrl Group

Together with Eclipse Experience we apply a design-led research process to develop healthcare interventions that are effective, engaging and safe.

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As lead research partner for the Longitude Prize 2014 we engaged with over 170 global experts and stakeholders to help design the six challenge candidates for the main prize.

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Arsenic Biosensor Collaboration

The Arsenic Biosensor Collaboration is working to develop a biosensor kit that can test for arsenic ground water contamination.

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